Special Guests

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Elettra D'Amico

Coordinatrice Nazionale del Programma di Educazione alla Sostenibilità Jane Goodall's Roots&Shoots del

Jane Goodall Institute Italia. Biologa in Conservazione e Gestione degli Ecosistemi presso l'Università Degli Studi Roma Tre.

Elettra D’Amico: Jane Goodall’s Roots&Shoots Italy National Coordinator. Conservation Biologist, University of Roma Tre.


Dr. Luca Bittau

is President and founder of SEA ME Sardinia onlus (www.seame.it), graduated in Natural Sciences and Ph.D. in Environmental Biology at the University of Sassari, with which he currently collaborates, performing research on cetaceans in the Mediterranean. Since 2009 he has been conducting research projects on cetaceans in the seas of Sardinia. With scientific and advisory activities, he contributed to the design and development whale watching excursions on the Caprera Canyon. Research is contributing to the process of establishment of international conservation measures on the area of the Canyon of Caprera (IMMA). Currently is focusing its research on the species zifio, common dolphin, bottlenose dolphin, grampus and sperm whale. It's Guide Environmental Excursion, AIGAE and Environmental Educator recognized by the Sardinia Region, with numerous education and awareness projects. He has collaborated and worked with numerous national environmental associations.


Davide Carrera

An Ambassador of the One Ocean Foundation since the beginning, Davide has been proud to promote the Charta Smeralda on behalf of the Foundation. Davide was born in Turin and spent his childhood learning to free dive in Liguria in the summer or training to swim at a competitive level in the winter. He moved on to discover his love for Yoga and combines the mentality and breathing techniques with his free diving. He has won several international competitions and holds national and world records. The motivation that pushes him to promote his love for sports and nature, as an inner guide, comes from the freedom and peace that he gains from his contact with the sea.

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Filippo Colonna

Environmental Economics, University of Roma Tre. Expert in Plastic Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea.

Member of Jane Goodall Institute Italia and coordinator of “Terra Mare: the colonization of plastic and its thousand paths”.


Admiral Giuseppe De Giorgi

To learn more visit the Admiral’s Facebook page here:

Admiral Giuseppe De Giorgi


Tansy Kaschak

is a journalist, artist, and activist working on global initiatives to address environmental issues and the refugee crisis. A professional globetrotter concerned with the impacts of travel on the environment, she uses her work across all platforms and mediums to educate modern travelers on how to be more conscious and to encourage hospitality business to implement more sustainable practices.


Mattia Cristina Leone

Is vice-president of the association SEA ME Sardinia, master's degree in Sea Sciences at the University of Genoa and a three-year degree in Natural Sciences, obtained at the University of Sassari, is a marine biologist registered with the National Order of Biologists . He currently works as an educator in the various scientific dissemination events with the SEA ME Sardinia association at the Municipalities and Scholastic Institutes of Sardinia and continues to collaborate on the research on cetaceans off Sardinia and in particular on the study of the zifio, on which he carried out the experimental thesis of Master Degree.


Adolfo Macoccio

From Egypt to Thailand passing through Honduras to eventually get back to his beloved Sardinia in 2015. Adolfo’s great passion for photography turns into a full-time job in 2008 in one of the biggest dive centers of the Red Sea. His pictures have won international awards and have been published in magazines in Italy and abroad.

The underwater photographic genre that fascinates him the most is the Underwater Fine Art, a fundamental aspect of his photographic evolution, with the best results obtained using models from the world of classical ballet, apnea, yoga, and martial arts.

From May 2015 he is back in Olbia offering professional services for weddings and luxury real estate. but keeping his heart and soul for his underwater projects around the crystal clear water of Sardinia.


Elena Mereu

Graduated in Milan at the Università Cattolica with a specialization PSM in Bocconi University, che actively work in the field of fashion and luxury hospitality traveling all the year long between Milan, Sardinia and Paris

In Sardinia she is the CEO and partner of Lanthia Resort, a small boutique hotel located in the East Coast, Ogliastra.

She believes that an hotel in this era, no matter how big or small, needs to develop a strong sense of social responsibility towards the environment who is giving the possibility to the hotel to exist.

With Lanthia Resort she is developing a program with her team to eliminate the singles use of plastic at the hotel. Together with this the Lanthia resort supports and follows the initiatives of a non-profit company that helps hospitality to minimizing the wastes especially for the rooms products.


Stefano Pogutz

Professor of SDA Bocconi in Green Management and Corporate Responsibility, he holds a PHD in International Management from the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa. He has participated in numerous research projects on corporate sustainability, innovation, and CSR. He is the head of the One Ocean Foundation Scientific Committee, that has developed the Foundation’s Charta Smeralda and is currently working on the Blue Economy report.


Ben Pundole

has been a key figure in the international hospitality industry for over 25 years. As the Vice President of Brand Experience for EDITION Hotels, he is leading Stay Plastic Free, an initiative aimed to eliminate single use plastics from all hotels across the globe.


Barbara Sorgente

Graduated in Geological Sciences at the University of Naples Federico II, from 2001 to 2009 she worked at the Ministry of the Environment where she mainly deals with marine pollution from hydrocarbons and seismic surveys and hydrocarbon exploration. In these 8 years he obtained the Master's Degree in Environmental Safety and Protection of the Mediterranean at La Sapienza University and attended various training courses on marine pollution by hydrocarbons, including the most important organized by the IMO (International Maritime Organization) which allows her to acquire the title of Expert IMO Level 2 on Scene Commander corse (nr.CTC11 / 025/03) (Responsible for coordinating activities in response to incidents involving marine pollution). From 2009 to 2010 research fellow at the CNR of Oristano where she worked on the project "S.O.S. Bocche di Bonifacio", a project aimed at establishing the Particularly Sensitive Sea Area of the Bocche di Bonifacio. From 2010 to 2018 he worked at the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park Authority.

In 2015 she became a volunteer of the Association of Civil Protection Volunteers where she mainly deals with the management of marine anti-pollution and coastal oil depollution; in 2018 he managed the activity of coastal oil depollution of the Civil Protection Volunteers of La Maddalena during the international exercise RA.MO.GE.Pol held on 12 October on the island of Caprera.