Why We Care


In collaboration with La Maddalena Archipelago National Park & Ecoshaker BASTA CON LA PLASTICA…in mare is the first Ocean Plastic awareness week in Italy, launching in August 2019.

The week's goal is to raise awareness and educate different communities, in Italy and abroad, about the critical issues we face surrounding ocean plastic pollution and also how it affects the ocean's health and in turn, human health.

The main mission is to bring tourists, locals, schools, businesses & national parks together for a clear and robust call to action.  The week will consist of community beach clean ups, educational information hubs, environmental film screenings and expert panels.

This year BASTA CON LA PLASTICA...in mare will launch its annual ocean plastic awareness week in La Maddalena, Sardegna, Italy.


Get Involved!

Are you passionate about the ocean and spreading plastic awareness? 

Volunteer with us to clean up the magnificent beaches on the Archipelago di La Maddalena, which houses some of the most pristine waters that have become littered with all kinds of plastics and garbage.

Let's save the ocean one beach cleanup at a time!


Thank You

Whether you're following our journey on social media, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you.

We couldn't accomplish our goals without your support!

We love you, fellow eco-warriors!

Our Formula is Simple…



Visual representation, whether through film or art, is an essential component to spark environmental awareness



The impact of environmental awareness and education can be overwhelming but is a vital process to create positive shifts in one's life



Expert panels give people the tools and resources they need to shift to a more sustainable way of life



Beach clean-ups are a powerful way to activate, educate and engage future generations the power of change within their own communities

Poem by Alexi Lubomirski (@alexilubomirski)

I have cleaned beaches before,

with my wife and sons

and we have made it fun

and we have made it educational.


But today was the first time

that I had done it alone

and I felt ashamed, helpless

and angry at myself.


I felt the stares of sunbathers around me.

Those bemused faces that I had seen before

every time they would watch my wife

picking up straws and cigarette butts around them.


Their faces spoke of confusion,

shame and sometimes anger.

Anger at the way it made them feel.

Anger at the highlighting of the problem.


“We are on holiday”, they tell me with their eyes.

They don’t want to feel guilty.

“You shouldn’t make us feel this way”, he says

by pushing his cigarette into the sand next to his towel.


I carry on undeterred, the more I pick up, the more I see

and I am further motivated to find it all.

I realize painfully, how blind we all are

to the unstoppable, polluted wake we leave behind us.


And I am angry. Angry at myself for the years of neglect.

Angry at the corporations too big to care.

Angry at us all for thinking it is not our problem.

Angry that is almost, if not already, too late.


My five year old son joins me

and his words are positive,

in spite of what he is picking up from the sand around him,

and I see hope in him.


Hope that people are waking up.

Hope that the old order is being replaced.

Hope that maybe we can make a change, in time

Hope that we are not blind to our own demise.


“This is how we say ‘Thank you’ to the beach”, my son says

And I smile,

vowing to show my gratitude

to each and every beach from here on..


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