Film Screenings

We will be showing two magnificent films this week at C.E.A. (CENTRO DI EDUCAZIONE AMBIENTALE) in La Maddalena. Before each documentary, there will be a Zero Waste Barbecue and an Expert Panel Discussion! Q&A will follow the screenings.

Mission Blue

August 12, 2019


Q&A from 10:30pm -11pm

Director: Fisher Stevens

Legendary oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle is on a mission to save our oceans. Mission Blue is hard-hitting film that brings awareness of this eco-disaster. The film explores Dr. Earle’s relationship with the ocean and how these amazing bodies of water have changed—for the worse. Mission Blue is a story that will inspire us all to take care of our ocean.


Blue the Film

August 14, 2019


Q&A from 10:30pm -11pm

Directors: Karina Holden, Alastair Fothergill, Keith Scholey

“The very nature of the sea is being irretrievably altered. BLUE is a provocative journey into the ocean realm, witnessing this critical moment in time when the marine world is on a precipice. Our ocean has been the guardian of life on earth. Now it is our turn to be guardians for the ocean.”